Full Service Catering is Available

$25.90 for 2, add $12.95 for each additional person

Choice of soups: Hot & sour, Wonton or egg drop soup.

Appetizers: 1egg roll, 1 cheese puff, 1 rib per person.

Dinner Served with fried rice or steamed rice.

One Entree per person.

Moo Goo Gai Pan

* Kun Pao Chicken

Sweet & Sour Pork

Chicken with cashew nuts

Chicken with Broccoli

* Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce

* Sauteed spicy string beans

Vegetable delight

* General Tso's Chicken

Shrimp with lobster sauce

Sweet & sour shrimp

Shrimp with mixed vegetables

* Orange beef or chicken

Beef with broccoli

* Mongolian Beef

Pepper Steak

House Special Lo Mein

Additional charge for substitutions 

Family Dinner

Dumpling Health & Low Calories

Kid’s Plates


Ice Tea     1.50
Hot Tea    1.50
Orange Juice    1.75
Coffee   (Expresseo)      3.95
Lemonade      1.50
Soft Drinks (Cans)       1.00
2liters Soft Drinks         3.95

Cheese Cake                        3.95

Lo Mein

Fried Rice

Lunch Special

F1 Vegetables        6.95
F2 Chicken Or Pork      7.50
F3 Beef       7.95
F4 Shrimp (Jumpo Shrimp) 8.50
F5 Combo (Jumpo Shrimp, Beef, Chicken)    8.50


Egg Foo Young

(Served With Gingersauce On The Side) Choice Of Steamed Rice Or Fried Rice
St1 Steamed Vegetables       7.95
St2 Steamed Chicken With Vegetables     8.95
St3 Steamed Shrimp With Vegetables   10.95
St4 Steamed Chicken &Shrimp With Vegetables     10.95
St5 Steamed Shrimp & Scallop With Vegetables      11.95

Served With French Fries Or Fried Rice
K1 Chicken Wing (4)      4.95
K2 Sweet& Sour Chicken    4.95
K3 Chicken Nuggets (5)       4.95
K4 Fried Shrimp (4)      5.95K5 Chicken Lomin    4.95

S1 Egg Drop Soup     Samll 1.50     Large 3.95
S2 Hot&Sour Soup   Small 1.50   Large 3.95
S3 Wonton Soup Small 1.95   Large 3.95
S4 Chicken Corn Soup   Large 5.95
S5 Vegetable Soup (For 2)   4.95
S6 House Special Wonton Soup (For 2)   6.95S7 House Special Noddle Soup   (For 2)    6.95

Choice Of Steamed Rice Or Fried Rice
C1 Sweet &Sour Chicken        8.95
C2 Chicken With Vegetables            8, 95
C3 Chicken With Broccoli     8.95
C4 * Curry Chicken   8.95
C5* Chicken With Garlic Sauce       8.95
C6 Chicken With Cashewnuts        8.95
C7*Kung-Pow Chicken           8.95
C8 Moo Goo Gai Pan      8.95
C9* Black Pepper Chicken     8.95
C10* Mongolian Chicken    8.95
C11* Hunan Chicken        8.95
C12*Salt &Pepper Crispy Chicken      9.95

Choice Of Steamed Rice Or Fried Rice
B1 Pepper Steak     9.50
B2 Beef With Broccoli      9.50
B3* Kung Pow Beef       9.50
B4 Beef With Vegetables     9.50
B5* Curry Beef       9.50
B6* Black Pepper Beef     9.50
B7* Mongolian Beef      9.50
B8 Beeef With Mushroom    9.50
B9 Sweet & Sour Pork     8.95
B10 Pork With Garlic Sauce     8.95

Choice Of Steamed Rice Or Fried Rice
Sf1 Shrimp With Broccoli     10.95
Sf2     Shrimp With Lobster Sauce      10.95
Sf3 Shrimp With Veggetables        10.95
Sf4 Sweet&Sour Shrimp    10.95
Sf5* Shrimp With Garlic Sauce    10.95
Sf6 Shrimp With Cashew Nuts       10.95
Sf7*Kung Pow Shrimp    10.95 

Served from 11am to 3pm daily, with soup of the day (hot & sour, egg drop, or wonton soup), one egg roll, fried rice or white rice, after 3pm add $2 as dinner special.

L1 Sweet & sour chicken    6.95

L2 Moo Goo Gai Pan     6.95

L3 Kung Pao Chicken    6.95

L4 Chicken Broccoli    6.95

L5 Curry Chicken    6.95

L6 Chicken with garlic sauce

L7 Black pepper chicken

L8 Chicken with vegetable

L9 General Tso's Chicken

L10 Sesame chicken

L11 Orange chicken

L12 Hunan beef

L13 Kung pao beef

L14 Pepper Steak

L15 Beef with vegetable

L16 Mongolian beef

L17 Shrimp with vegetale

L18 Kung Pao shrimp

L19 Shrimp with broccoli

L20 Sweet & sour shrimp

L21 Shrimp with garlic sauce

L22 Sweet & sour pork

L23 Shredded pork with garlic sauce

L24 Sauteed mixed vegetable

L25 Tofu with vegetable in garlic sauce

L26 Lo mein (chicken, pork or vegetable)

L27 Lo mein (shrimp or beef)

L28 Combo lo mein (shrimp + beef + chicken)

D1 Pork Dumling (8)     Steamed Or Pan Fried      5.95
D2 Vegetable Dumpling (8) Steamed Or Pan Fried     5.95
D3 Shrimp Dumpling (8)    Steamed Or Pan Fried      6.95
D4 Szechuan Spicy Dumpling (8) Steamed Or Pan Fried      5.95

Choice Of Steamed Rice /Fried Rice
H 1 Happy Famliy       13.95
Chicken, Beef, Shrimp &Pork Whith Vegetables 
H2* General Tso Chicken     9.95
Lightly Battered Chicken, Quick-Fried And Coated
H3 *Seame Beef        11.95
Tender Beef Glazed With Spicy Brown Sauce, Topped With Sesame Seed.
H4 Seafood Delight   13.95
Shrimp, Scallops And Crab Meet With Vegetable In Chef’s Special White Sauce.
H5 *Orange Chicken             9.95
H6 Mongolian Tipple Delight                  10.95
Beef, Chicken, And Shrimp Srir-Fried With Green, White Onions And Jalaeno In Spicy Brown Sauce.
H7 Cripy Shrimp With Walnuts        12.95
Jumpo Shrimp Sauteed In Chef’s Special Suace, Served With Honey Crispy Nuts.
H8 * Salt &Peper Crispy Shrimp    12.95
H9 * Shrimp &Scllop In Hunan Style      13.95
Jumpo Shrimp &Scaloop Stri-Fried In Black Bean Sauce
H10 * Spicy Triple Delight      13.95
Scallop, Shrimp, Chicken Stir-Fried With Snow Peas, Waterchestnuts And Carrots In Chef’s Special Hot Brown Sauce.


Chef’s Specialties 

A1 egg roll (2)    2.50
A2 shrimp roll (4)     6.95
A3 Summer Soft Roll (2) 4.95
A4 French Fries     1.99
A5 Cheese Paff (6)   4.50
A6 Fried Chicken Wings (6)      5.95
A7 General Tso's Chicken Wings (6)      6.95
A8 Fried Shrimps (6)      5.95
A9 Shrimp Tempur (5)   6.95
A10 Edamme        2.95
A11 Seaweed Salad      3.95
A12 Fried Biscuits (10)       2.99
A13 Skewer Chicken (4)   5.95
A14 BBQ Spare Ribs (8)      6.95
A15 Pupu Platter (FOR 2)        11.95
Eggroll (2), Cheese Paff (2), BBQ ribs (2), Chicken Wings (2), Fried Shrimp (2), Skewer Chicken (2)

Seved With 4 Crepes
M1    Mooshu Veg       7.95
M2 Moo Shu Chicken 8.95
M3 Mooshu Pork        8.95
M4 Mooshu Shrimp     10.95
M5 Mooshu Special   (Pork, Chicken, Shrimp) 9.95

Choice Of Steamed Rice Or Fried Rice
E1 Vegetable S           8.95
E2 Chicken                   8, 95
E3 Beef                        8, 95
E4 Shimp           9.95
E5 Pork       8.95
E6 Combo (Shrimp, Beef, Chicken)   9.95

Diet Dishes 

Choice Of Steamed Rice Or Fried Rice
V1 Sauteed Mixed Vegetables     7.95
V2 Sauteed Greenbeans       7.95
V3* Broccoli& Mushroom In Garlic Sauce       7.95
V4 Tofu Veggetables In Brown Sauce    7.95
V5 * General Tso Tofu            7.95
V6* Kungpow Tofu             7.95

Red Meat

N1 Vegeables     6.95 
N2 Chicken Or Pork   7.95
N3 Beef       8.50
N4 Shrimp (Jumpo Shrimp)     8.95
N5 Combo (Jumpo Shrimp, Chicken, Beef) 8.95
N6 Singapore Rice Noddle            8.95Rice Noddle With Jumpo Shrimp, Chicken, And Bef


Moo Shu